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Electric Heating

Is Electric Heating the Future, Is Electric Heating any good ?


We at RBI Electrical are here to answer your questions and to offer our service. We offer full design and installation of different types of heating and will complete at the relevant calculations to ensure your heating is effective and energy efficient.

Types of Heating

There are many different types of electric heating, From Storage heaters to Panel heaters, From radiators to infrared heaters, The choice is yours. There are however multiple factors to consider prior to choosing your heating. Room size, available space for install, off peak or on peak and more.... But do not worry, We are here to help.

We will discuss your needs and explain the different options you have available. We will complete all the heating calculations which will allow us to select the correct size heaters for your room requirements and will then discuss best placement and installation methods available. 

Five main types of Electric Heating are:

Storage Heaters

Panel Heaters

Electric Radiators (Inc. Towel Rails)

Infrared Panels

Underfloor Heating

There are other types of heaters available but would generally fit within one of the above heater type.